Toronto Travel tips

While New York retains the rights to” the city that never sleeps” Toronto is ‘the city with an elegant pulse’ as the cultural and financial essence of Canada. Toronto travel tips are a wealthy resource to an exciting and active destination. Flying directly to Pearson International, Toronto city is accessed […]

Should I Buy Travel Insurance?

Should I buy travel insurance is a frequent question I get. In the past my answer would have been a bit different. But today, in an environment where the airlines are flying planes that are virtually full, the answer is ‘Yes.’ If there is a hurricane, major thunderstorm, winter storm, […]

How men and women in different travel

Men are continually asking, “What do ladies need”? The answer, unmistakably, is everything, paying irrelevant adoration to a voyage that does reject considering the ground, butchering one’s own particular supper, or seats in the grandstands at some wearing occasion. Face it – we know men and ladies are moving, so […]

A Romantic Weekend in the Cotswolds

Have you got an anniversary or special occasion coming up? Would you like to whisk your other half away for a romantic weekend in the green heart of England? If so, the Cotswolds are among the most romantic areas in Britain, with luscious gardens, woodland walks and cosy cottages just […]