When I came across the language hacking guide I was happy to find something that is close to my personal philosophy. I must confess I’m a lazy student and I personally recommend to study only what you are interested in. In fact one of my favourite aphorism is this: “ What’s the point of running if you are on the wrong road?”

When you are not interested in something, you lack focus, with no focus, you retain nothing, and retaining nothing means wasting time that in turn means you are wasting money. Therefore learning a language means facing something new with enthusiasm and expectation of fun. Study a language doesn’t mean studying grammar, it means using the same strategies that babies use to learn their first language. What the language hacking guide has to do with those strategies? A lot. First of all the guide deals with motivation and the right mentality anybody need.

In this important section the guide deals with barriers and obstacles you may find along the way and gives you tips and strategies to overcome them.

The guide goes on treating another important aspect: an effective plan of action specifically designed not to make you feel overwhelmed. I have noticed that people react differently to plans. Why?  I guess they feel committed to do something. In this case nobody is forcing you to learn a language each Monday of your life. If you have psychological problem with the word “Plan” change it; call it “road toward learning achievement”.

The most important section of the guide is about communicating from day one. Why is that so important. Does a baby say “ Oh I think I’m gonna speak as soon as I feel ready”. A baby starts speaking without any worrying and dread. She just do it immediately.

The language hacking guide gives tips and strategies to start speaking from day one. This part alone is worth the entire price.

The last section I want to mention concerns how and where to find learning resources.